Us | The Provision Well


At the Provision Well, we take our ethical responsibility to humans and the planet seriously.  We are inspired by concepts inspired by Cradle-to-Cradle design, which tells us that "Design follows intention." Therefore, we wish to make our intentions explicit.  We hope to include loving energy in every facet of our process as we deliver you healthy foods, spices, and supplements that benefit your body.  In the supply chain, we hope to favor those brands that demonstrate with the best possible intentions in terms of equity and ecology.  We understand that this implies a commitment to learning about the products we offer, their supply chains, and their representatives. 


As we grow, we hope that our decisions are continually rooted in principles of ecological justice.  In addition, we believe that no person should be misled or exploited in the interests of profit. We embrace products that are free of toxins, that foster vibrant ecosystems and healthy agricultural practices, and we seek to distance ourselves from inequitable labour practices.