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Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Recipe


All ingredients are optional, as are the amounts. Make this to suit your needs.  What is given here is what works well for us.


Liquid – 1 cup green tea with a little kombucha and aloe vera recommended

NOT RECOMMENDED: fruit juice.  Fruit juice has a high sugar content and must still be processed by those organs that have that job. 


Fresh ingredients: banana, blueberries, apple, avocado, cucumber, greens, or any combination thereof.


Healthy Oil: Hemp oil is good


Dry ingredients


¼ cup whey protein

¼ cup other powdered protein: rice, hemp, greens, etc.  Take care not to have added sugars or flavoring in these ingredients.


2-3 T flax meal

2-3 T Collagen Peptides


Other suggested dry ingredients:


Nutritional yeast (Brewer’s yeast)


Bee Pollen


Yogurt – plain, no sugar or flavoring added  - optional


Blend liquid, fresh ingredients, and oil first, then add dry ingredients and blend again


Use more of less of any of the ingredients to find a smoothie of a satisfactory thickness and flavor


Dry ingredients can be prepared once a week by lining up seven half-pint containers, then the right size scoop of each dry ingredient goes into each container.  It only takes a few minutes to prepare enough for the week and saves much time when making the smoothie.