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TEECCINO: Tea Mango Lemon Prebiotic, 10 ct


hill out with lemon balm, the herb reputed to make you merry! Highlighted with fruity notes from juicy mango over roasted chicory; lightly sweetened with dates and figs.

Naturally caffeine free - no processing or chemical residue
Acid free - helps restore alkaline balance
Natural energy boost - from nutrients not stimulants
Antioxidants from carob, barley, maca, ramón seeds and cocoa powder
Contains heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
Prebiotic SuperBoost™ - the prebiotics, GOS, XOS and inulin, nourish your probiotics, the beneficial microflora that improve gut health, maintain regularity and support your immune system. GOS and XOS are two prebiotic concentrates in Prebiotic SuperBoost™ while inulin extracts naturally from chicory roots into your cup during brewing. There are 1,000 mg of Prebiotic SuperBoost™ and 650 mg of inulin in every serving.