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SOLSPRING: Coffee Dk Roast Brazilian, 1 ea


Soy Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free

Solspring Biodynamic Organic Coffee comes from Fazenda Camocim, located less than a mile from the foot of the mystical, monolithic mountain known as Pedra Azul, or "Blue Rock".

Camocim Farm produces and cultivates specialty coffees without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Pioneers in Biodynamic cultivation, their coffee plantations are planted within the forest - a practice called agroforestry agriculture. This provides the coffee plants access to the benefits offered by the biodiverse landscape, including rich, nutrient dense soil and organic pest control from neighboring herbs and trees. The harvest is conducted by hand, selecting the best coffee cherries, which creates a low impact on the plants, the soil and the environment.

Solspring Biodynamic Organic Brazilian Dark Roast provides a smooth, full bodied flavor with light fruity notes