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RISHI TEA: Tea Quince Eucalyptus, 1.74 oz


Inviting eucalyptus and sweet, honey like quince charm even the coldest of days with this soothing seasonal blend.

Quince Eucalyptus is a delightfully quenching botanical blend drawing upon layers of inspiration. During wintertime travels in Korea, we enjoyed herbal teas prepared with quince—a tree fruit related to apples and pears—which is traditionally said to help keep coughs and colds at bay. We built upon the bright sweetness of quince by adding uplifting citrus and a flight of herbs from the Patagonia including linden, hawthorn and eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is enjoyed throughout the world to help clear the sinuses and support expansive breath. Quince Eucalyptus is a refreshing alternative to herbal lozenges.