EARTH FRIENDLY: Fruit and Vegetable Wash, 22 Oz | The Provision Well

EARTH FRIENDLY: Fruit and Vegetable Wash, 22 Oz


pH 3.0-3.5, but gentle on hands and skin
Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural.
Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients
Plant-based surfactants we use do not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment
Helps remove pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, and wax.
100% tasteless
Rinses away completely; leaves no residue or aftertaste
No lengthy cleaning process required: sprays on and rinses off; works quickly and easily; no need to scrub or soak; no waiting period
Free of bleach, DEA or hydrogen peroxide.
Easy to recycle: #1 PETE HDPE plastic container
Great for cleaning hands, cutting boards, and other surfaces before and after preparing fresh produce.
Use to clean fruit and vegetables before eating/cooking.
Especially ideal for cleaning off oily pesticides, waxes and chemicals that are designed to be water resistant.
Doesn't irritate skin.
Fruit and vegetables grown inorganically can be cleansed of surface pesticides, chemicals and waxes without depositing other harmful chemicals or adversely effecting taste.
It really works
Safe for you and the environment